Extravaganzas are HUGE game nights that all are invited to! From shooting zombies, solving an escape room, and joining in REAL LIFE CLUE- there is something for everyone! So grab some friends and come on down! 


Could you balance 6 dice on a popsicle stick held in your mouth for 1 minute? How about removing all the tissues from a tissue box with only 1 hand? We learned if we could on September 30th! Check out all of the fun that we had here!

Santa's Sardines

OLG has become overrun by Santa's Elves. They have forgotten what Christmas is all about (JESUS) and we need help reigning them in.



Escape Room in a BOX

Who: Anyone in 8th-12th Grades
Where: Cassidy Hall
When: February 24th from 7:30-9PM

You and a group of friends are attending the reading of the last will and testament of your uncle Lester Milton, legendary game inventor and eccentric millionaire. As you walk into the room, a lawyer informs you that the reading of will begins in one hour, any addendums to the will must be submitted before then. She then hands you a letter and a locked case. The final conclusion to the division of his estate will be odd as the man himself. Can you make sure that you are your friends are going to get a share of Uncle Milton’s fortune?


Real Life Clue! 

Who: Anyone in 8th-12th Grades
Where: Cassidy Hall
When: March 31st from 7:30-9PM 

Small groups must travel from room to room in the church interacting with the iconic clue characters in this real life version of the classic mystery board game. Whether it’s searching for physical clues, interviewing characters or more, the students must solve the mystery. 


Easter Extravaganza!

Who: Anyone in 8th-12th Grades
Where: Cassidy Hall
When: April 28th from 7:30-9PM 

OLG has become overrun by rabbits.
They have forgotten what easter is all about (Jesus) and we need help reining them in. We are calling all highschoolers to stop them before it is too late.