Welcome to OLG's High school Youth Ministry!

Youth Ministry is important in the life of OLG! All of our ministries here are continually being adapted to keep up with this ever changing world. BUT in order to do this we need to be clear about what we are being asked to do by God. OLG’s goal is to engage young people where they are in their journey to answer the single most important question of their lives:  the call to be an intentional disciple for God

Youth Ministry is about bringing the Gospel to young people by the art of living well - and it begins and ends with Christ. Please pray with us that we all remain faithful to the challenges of our own time, and using all of gifts of the OLG community before us to bring as many people to live well in this life and the next.


There are so many places here at OLG for young people to get involved in order to share their gifts, and be fed. Parents and teens are encouraged to contact us so we might help you prayerfully discern what opportunities will best lead to deeper discipleship.

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