Extreme Faith Camp 2019

Monday, June 24, 2019 - Friday, June 28, 2019
Extreme Faith Camp is a week-long camp for students currently in 6th, 7th and 8th grade. It is a life-changing experience. We spend the week with teens from 8 other catholic parishes throughout the Archdiocese and have a blast with a variety of fun activities and we encounter Christ through the power of the Sacraments, challenging talks, and small group sharing. For more information please contact the PES Sisters at: pes-sisters@olgparish.org

“This camp has truly moved me closer to God. I have learned more about myself and I learned to put God before everything.” - Charlie Shideman (6th grade)


What is Extreme Faith Camp?

EFC is a week-long camp for students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade. It’s a real camp, for real teens, where together we will encounter Christ. Extreme Faith Camp is without a doubt a life-changing experience. We spend the week with teens from seven other churches throughout the Archdiocese and have a blast with a variety of activities and we encounter Jesus through the power of the Sacraments, challenging talks, and small group sharing. This Catholic Camp is the real deal!

"I have never felt so close to God before this week here at Extreme Faith Camp. I want to keep our relationship going as strong as it was for the rest of my life. This week I truly figured out how powerful God is and how much he can impact my life just through Adoration, Church, prayer, singing and lots of fun!" - Amelia Zdechlik (6th grade)


"The happiest moment of my life!"

"I was doubting my faith before Extreme Faith Camp. During Adoration the monstrance came in front of me and I touched it. At that moment I knew God was real. I felt it in my bones. The rest of the time was for prayer. It was the happiest moment of my life." - Joey Murnan (8th grade)

"Before going to EFC I thought I already knew God. Then, in Adoration something happened that I wasn't expecting at all; when Jesus came in the Monstrance and stopped right in front of me, it is like my eyes opened, I just knew that it was truly Jesus right there with me, not just a representation, but He himself loving me!" - Eddie Hanson (8th grade)


"No matter where I am, Jesus will always be with me!"

"During Adoration, as Jesus came around, I felt as I had never been happier in my life! When the monstrance left I felt sad but then one of my friends talked to me and I realized that Jesus was still with me, not just in the monstrance. What I have gained in this experience is the ability to know that no matter where I am, Jesus will always be with me!" - Jackie Commerford (7th Grade)

"This is my second year at Extreme Faith Camp! In Adoration I experienced Jesus much more than last year!" - Miguel Nunez-Mudoy (7th Grade)

"I am so grateful for these 5 holy days!"

"I thought the second year at EFC couldn’t get any better than the first. I was wrong, it was. These 5 days at EFC have been life changing. Through prayer, confession, the Eucharist, and fellowship, I have strengthened my faith and love for the Lord. Through tears and smiles I am more committed to the Church than ever before and I know I will never forget the changes EFC has done for me." - Alanna Halloran (7th grade)


"I grew in my relationship with God!"

"I really liked my small group, I knew Nicole, my leader, from Encounter, the Program that the Sisters run at OLG, I loved the camp better than any sleep-away and camp I have ever been to, I grew a happier relationship with God. I really want to come back next summer!" - Maddie Clemency (8th Grade)

Extreme Team and Prayer Team

This is an amazing Catholic summer camp experience for youth currently in grades 9-12. They spend the week as camp counselors for youth in grades 6-8. They get to participate in all of the same activities as the MSers! Activities such as: kayaking, canoeing, paddle boating, swimming, fishing, ropes courses, indoor gym and outdoor courts for basketball, wacky Olympics, arts and grafts, daily Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, and reconciliation. For more information on how to get your Highschooler involved contact Veronica Whelan at veronicawhelan@olgparish.org


"This experience as a leader changed my life."

"This week I was really unsure why God was doing certain things in my life. My uncle was recently diagnosed with cancer and I didn't understand why God would allow that to happen to someone. In the Camp I went to confession and felt so relieved. But I was still confused. Then in Adoration I stared God in the eyes, I just felt so much comfort, like God was giving me a big hug. I felt like God help me understand so much more through Adoration! I felt like God was trying to tell me it was going to be all right."- Nicole Chrysler (High School Leader)


"Coming into camp, I had several doubts about God, felt that I was getting nothing from mass, and kept telling myself I was fine and didn’t need God. On the surface I looked like a happy person but deep down I didn’t have real joy or peace. Leaving camp, and reflecting on the past week, I saw how God transformed me. I had real joy and felt so at peace, nothing that I had ever experienced before. Sisters, thanks to your “yes” to God, His light has shown right through you and you have helped change many lives, more than you realize. Extreme Faith Camp was an experience I will never forget and I thank you so much for using your talents to make this camp such an amazing experience. Thank your for blessing us and God bless you!" - Grace Zdechlik (High School Leader)


"Thank you for a great week that was full of fun and faith. I was able to grow in my own faith and help the kids grow in their own. EFC was the most profound experience I have ever had with God, and it opened my eyes to the many blessings he has given me. I also saw many transformations throughout the other leaders and kids, which was great to see. I will continue to come back and help at this amazing camp in the future! Thank you for making this a great experience with God for all!" - Charlie Zdechlik (High School Leader)

"Totally blessed by the experience..."

"This is my second year as a Chaperone at EFC. Although I am here first for the kids I find myself feeling totally blessed by the experience. With reflection and prayer I can see some of the ways God is working through me and how much He loves the kids. It is truly a blessing to be a part of it and it fills me with joy!" - Susan Michael (Adult Chaperone)


"Seeing the kids grow helped me grow!"

"These days spent with the kids have been an awesome gift! Praying with them and sharing their experiences of faith through the week, really meant a lot. It is also a very humbling experience...seeing the kids grow in their faith helped me grow, too!" - John Braun (Young Adult Chaperone)

"The community at OLG is a gift!"

"I sent Maddie and Danny to this camp with much hope because they had a good experience with Encounter, the Program run by the Sisters. Well, Maddie, upon getting off the bus, told me she wanted to go next year, be part of the prayer team and eventually be a counselor. This is huge! So….THANK YOU, THANK YOU… This reaffirms the gift that is the wonderful community, family orientation and kid focus at OLG." - Katie Clemency (Participants' mom)



Thursdays, February 21 - March 28; April 25, 6:30 - 8:30 PM, Dining Room

Do you have a loved one who has stopped practicing their Catholic faith?

Are you unsure of what to say to them?

Do you want to help be an instrument of the Holy Spirit in their lives?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this program is for you! Along with prayer and small group support, this 7-night program will help you understand why most people leave the Church, and give practical tips and strategies to help our loved ones’ return.

Contact Sean Lavell at seanlavell@olgparish.org or in the Parish Office (x9042) or visit www.returnfaith.org for more information on this program.  Register online or click here to download the registration form.

Catholics at the Capitol

Tuesday, February 19, 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
RiverCentre/State Capitol, St. Paul

Now is the time to begin to transform politics in Minnesota. Join your local bishop and 2,000+ Catholics to learn how you can build relationships with your newly elected officials and advocate for life and human dignity. Get your tickets, register for transportation, and find more details about this inspiring day of prayer, education, and advocacy by visiting www.CatholicsAtTheCapitol.org.

Speakers and Music


Jim Caviezel



Archbishop Charles Chaput

Archdiocese of Philadelphia


Danielle Rose

Music Missionary


Gloria Purvis

EWTN Radio & Black Catholics for Life


Catholic Watchmen Rally with Matt Frad


Tuesday, February 12, 6:30 - 9:00 PM
Church of St. Henry, Monticello

Men from all over the Archdiocese are invited to the Catholic Watchmen Rally at St. Henry in Monticello, with internationally known speaker Matt Fradd who will give "The Man Talk". There will be time for Adoration and Confession. Dinner will be provided (A $20 free-will offering is suggested). Register here.



This year’s Gala is February 9th at the newly renovated Interlachen Country Club.  We have had an incredible response to ticket sales and the event is currently sold out.  If you would like to join the wait list for tickets, please email Kara Souther.  Please also stay tuned for more details on this year’s Fund the Need and our silent auction which will open to the entire OLG community one week before the event.  All can participate in the auction whether they attend the Gala or not.



6:00 PM • Silent Auction - Appetizers
7:30 • Dinner - Fund the Need


Jeff Jensen and the Vanguards
DJ and Dancing


$150 per person
Table Host (10 guests): $1,500

We expect tickets to sell out quickly given space constraints so please do not delay.


Semi-Formal attire is encouraged but not required.

If you are unable to attend
and but would still like to support the Gala click here to donate to Fund-the-Need.


Contact Gala Chair Jeff and Cathleen Cachat at jeffreycachat@gmail.com or 952-905-9035.



Red Cross Blood Drive


Thursday, February 7, 3:00 - 8:00 PM, Cassidy Hall
Our Lady of Grace is hosting a Blood Drive. You can sign up online by going to redcrossblood.org and entering OURLADYOFGRACE as the sponsor code or by contacting Melissa Miller in the Parish Office (x9040). Remember, your blood donation can save up to 3 lives.

Sign Up for a Holy Hour


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is a beautiful gift we have here at Our Lady of Grace. The chapel is open for people to come and pray, think, meditate, read, journal, and gaze upon Jesus, truly present in the Eucharist.  In order for our program to run smoothly we need to have committed adorers for each hour. In the event one person cannot make the scheduled time there will always be at least one adorer present. We cannot leave Jesus alone in the chapel. The chapel is open Monday - Friday from 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM. You can sign up for any hour that fits your schedule but we need adorers to fill the folloing times:

Hours in need of additional coverage:

Mondays: 3:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 8:00 PM
Tuesdays: 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM
Wednesdays: 3:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 6:00 PM, 9:00 PM
Thursdays: 10:00 AM 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM
Fridays: 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM, 9:00 PM

Can you give one hour a week to Jesus. Fearful of the commitment? Try it for 4 weeks and see how your soul will begin to yearn for time with him. WE have an active sub list in the event you cannot make your hour. Taking the first step to sign-up is often the hardest part. “Be not afraid” to give time to our Lord Jesus. He will make it worth your time and sacrifice. Sign-up by using the iPad in the Adoration Chapel or go to adorationpro.org/grace on any device or email a message to olgadorationchapel@gmail.com.

Vacation Bible School


Monday, July 22 - Friday, July 26
Every day at Roar Totally Catholic VBS, kids will learn simple Bible points and be immersed in new adventures as they travel through field-tested rotations. Together we will explore God’s goodness and celebrate a ferocious faith that powers us all through this “wild” life. Just as our church and school buildings will be transformed into an African savanna full of vibrant colors and untamed grasslands, so too will the lives of all who join us betransformed as we learn to follow Jesus more closely!

FORMED Content Featured in January



Sign up for FORMED today using the access code RBXK8F and by clicking the button below!

Inspirational Resources for Faith Formation in January

Discover all the best Catholic content in one place. Entertaining movies, enlightening programs, inspiring talks and audio dramas, and a great selection of popular e-books - all just a click away!

January 2018

A Whole Month of Liturgical Content on formed.org!

January 1 - Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God

Study: The Bible and the Virgin Mary, Session 8: Mother Crowned in Glory*
Study: Footprints of God: Mary, the Mother of God
Watch: Mary of Nazareth

January 6 - Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord

Study: Advent, Session 4: The Gift
Listen: The Mystery of Christmas

January 13 - Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord

Study: The Wild Goose, Segment 7: The Spirit of Adoption
Read: Sacraments in Scripture
Listen: Changed Forever
Estudiar: Bautismo

January 21 - Saint Agnes

Listen: Love or Lust?
Read: Freedom: Battle Strategies for Conquering Temptation

January 22 - Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of the Unborn

Study: Symbolon, Living the Faith: Session 10, Catholic Social Teaching*
Watch: Angel in the Waters
Listen: There is Life in the Womb

January 24 - Saint Francis de Sales

Study: True Reformers, Session 6: Saint Francis de Sales
Read: Introduction to the Devout Life

January 25 - Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul

Study: Footprints of God: Paul
Watch: Paul of Tarsus

January 28 - Saint Thomas Aquinas

Study: Symbolon: Living the Faith, Session 6: A Catholic Moral Vision*
Read: Practical Theology: Spiritual Direction from Saint Thomas Aquinas
Read: Saint Thomas Aquinas (Children’s Book)

January 21 - Saint John Bosco

Watch: Saint John Bosco
Watch: Don Bosco*

*Available in Spanish

The Temperament God Gave You - Moms Small Group


8 sessions on alternating Tuesdays, January 29 - May 7, 2019, Frassati Room
9:30 - 11:00 AM or 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Moms - Make time to learn about a topic that will benefit you in your role as a wife and mother! What is a temperament and how does it affect every relationship in your life?  Join a Mothers of Young Children (birth through 5th grade) group as we seek to understand the gifts God has given in each person’s temperament and use this knowledge to unlock motivation, real communication and conflict resolution with our kids, spouses and coworkers. Let us know if you are interested in joining the Temperament God Gave You group that is starting this January at OLG! Childcare available. Contact Mary Hodgdon, Director of Marriage and Family, marriage@olgparish.org orin the Parish Office (x9032) for more information and to register.