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Our mission is to engage and support married couples through the first five years of marriage by creating a community that fosters a sense of support and belonging. Through formation, reflection, and awareness, a couple’s marital relationship with God at the center is strengthened and made more fruitful. Discipleship becomes more intentional through opportunities to steward others in service, participation, and partnering with other parish ministries. Sposi Novelli hosts several formal and many informal events throughout the year. 

News & Events

Light the Way with Sposi Novelli Small Groups


Light the Way is a nine-week practical Bible Study that will journey through the Acts of the Apostles.  The Study will open the Scriptures to the participants, with the goal of helping them encounter Jesus.  There is both a small group and large group component.  The Study will meet on Mondays nights starting on February 5th from 7:00-8:30 PM in Cassidy Hall.  No previous Bible Study experience is required.  Join us for Light the Way!

Check here for dates and times and if you missed a Session! 

Sposi Novelli Discipleship Groups 

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Most people who have been around a church for a while have a pretty good idea about what a Discipleship group is oooooor do they? 

A Discipleship Group is an intentional gathering, meeting regularly for the purpose of joining God’s mission.

- intentional gathering. This group of people agree to share life together. They plan where and when to meet and arrange their schedules to be there. They have a purpose for getting together.

- meets regularly. A Discipleship group has a regular meeting time and schedule. The groups know when to expect their next gathering.

- for the purpose of joining God’s mission. People in Discipleship groups desire to be formed as Christ’s disciples and as such they strive to join in God’s mission.

These groups take seriously practicing spiritual habits that form hearts and lives into being disciples of Jesus who live as His. Discipleship groups are meant to help us learn, grow, and BECOME an intentional disciple for God. 

If you are interested in joining a Sposi Novelli Discipleship Group please contact Veronica Whelan

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Sposi Novelli Leadership 

Interested in helping plan Sposi Novelli events? Contact Veronica at veronicawhelan@olgparish.org