Advent Children's Liturgy of the Word


Catechists prepare the room by creating an altar draped in the liturgical color (violet for advent).  They light a candle to remind the children that Jesus is the light of the world and display a crucifix.  When the children gather, they are welcomed to CLOW and begin with a prayer.  This advent, we are praying the Hail Mary.


Children gather in a circle to hear the readings.  What great listeners!


Mary Jo our Music Teacher leads the children in movement and song for the Responsorial Psalm.


This is a favorite! Everyone loves singing and moving to OLG's Alleluia in preparation for the Gospel reading.


The catechists lead the children in a discussion about the reading.  This Sunday, children were excited to share how they were preparing their hearts for Jesus just like St. John the Baptist helped prepare the way for Jesus.


During the advent season, the children end their time together practicing a song about the Baby Jesus in the Manger.  Lots of fun with movement and singing!


Children are asked to walk like saints, quietly and prayerfully, back to their families in the church.

Sunday School - Learning About God's Love

Take a look at your little ones learning about God’s love!  

The children started the morning sharing crayons and chatting while completing a coloring sheet.


Then, they spent some time in prayer.  This Sunday they practiced the ‘Hail Mary’.  Using Seeds curriculum, the students learned a lesson about emotions.


After learning the lesson of the day, all the children gathered together to sing God’s praises in an engaging music class.


When they returned to their classroom, the catechist read a story and finished off the class in song!  What a beautiful morning!


Skittles Prayer Experiment

Skittles Prayer Experiment.jpg

In one of our 4th grade faith formation classrooms our catechist, Miss Heidi, led the children in doing a fun experiment with Skittles that visually demonstrated the power of prayer! Here’s what they learned: We believe that our prayers, through God’s power, will make a difference in the world. In this activity, color was released into the surrounding water to create a colorful picture. The release of color symbolizes how the prayers we raise to God (Skittles) are a way of joining with God (water) to release His Kingdom here on Earth.

Safety Super Heroes Visited our 2nd Grade Faith Formation Class


Last evening, two characters named “Stranger” (aka Jamie Pohl) and “Danger” (aka Stephanie Lloyd) dressed up as safety super heroes and visited our 2nd grade faith formation children! It was fun to teach the kids that every person is a Child of God who gets to decide their own personal boundaries, why knowing and following rules is important, how to identify safe adults and safety buddies, as well as simple tips for Halloween safety.

Our safety curriculum is provided by the Monique Burr Foundation (MBF), the heart of which is 5 simple rules.

Visit the MBF website today to learn these 5 rules and how you can make your family safer:

Faith Formation Opening Mass with Archbishop Hebda

What an inspiring night! Archbishop Hebda commissioned our dedicated catechists and bestowed a special blessing upon them.  He also praised our vibrant faith formation community and our students.  In his homily, he asked the students to practice and work on their faith as they would their favorite sport.  The students gave suggestions of praying, attending Mass and serving others as great ways to exercise their faith.  He reminded us that this is a year of Gratitude.  Let us begin by thanking all those who helped welcome Archbishop Hebda and organize the Mass, including the readers, servers, choir and staff!  We are sure to have a faith-filled year!

Living Stations of the Cross

On Wednesday March 14, our 4th grade Faith Formation children led us in praying the Living Stations of the Cross. As our child readers prayed each station, a team of child actors silently portrayed the action. Their portrayal was both meaningful and prayerful, and it gave everyone who was present a different way to engage in the story. Many children and adults came together to make this a wonderful reflection on Jesus’ Passion and Death and we are grateful for their leadership. Join us on the journey as you reflect on these pictures.

Mardi Gras Fun!

Faith Formation students of all ages gathered on Wednesday, February 7th for a community pizza dinner. They also got to hear a preview of this summer’s VBS music!

Afterward, students in Grades 1-5 stayed in Cassidy Hall for some Mardi Gras fun. In addition to learning about the traditions surrounding the day, they also played games and made masks. There were tons of smiles and lots of laughs. This annual tradition is something everyone looks forward to!