Nativity Play - Week 1

Children of our parish gathered in the school library for our first Nativity rehearsal this past week.  They sat together working on Christmas coloring sheets and word searches while waiting for all of their new friends to arrive.

Mrs. Selby then invited the children to join her as she explained their mission - to learn about the birth of Jesus and then present it to their families, friends, and parish!  The children watched 2 short videos and then headed off to find out their roles!

Our youngest participants joined Mrs. Burgess to become shepherds.  Mrs. Seaman and Mrs. Fritz taught the first graders all about their roles as angels.  The second graders, our biggest kids, worked with Mrs. Selby to determine who would be Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men, the Star, the Angel of the Lord, as well as various priests ands scribes.  Everyone seemed very excited about their parts!

Finally, the children got to work on creating their own Nativity scenes while they awaited their parents' arrival.

This week, the children will begin practicing their parts and learn "Away in a Manger," which they will sing to the parish!