Nativity Play - Week 2

We had a great second rehearsal with the children.  They got to work right away on coloring Nativity wheels which they were able to bring home to their families.

Mrs. Selby then invited the children to gather together while she shared the story of the Holy Family again before we headed to the church to begin practicing our parts!

The children loved the field trip to the church (we even snuck in some lessons about genuflecting and how to make the sign of the cross). We got to work straight away! Mary and Joseph welcomed the baby Jesus and had many visitors.  The angels told the shepherds about the birth and our youngest play participants showed us their "wow" faces.  Our first grade angels did a lovely job of spreading the good news.  The wise men also knelt before the infant who was looked over by our star!  

We were impressed by how seriously everyone took their parts!  We can't wait for next week!!!