Why Study Acts on June 3rd from 7- 8:30PM  

Clothed with Power on June 10th from 7- 8:30PM  

Proclaiming the Kerygma on June 17th from 7- 8:30PM

Signs and Wonders on July 8th from 7- 8:30PM

How Jesus Makes an Evangelist on July 15th from 7- 8:30PM

Sacraments and the Spirit on July 29th from 7- 8:30PM  

Leadership in the Church on August 5th from 7- 8:30PM  

Charisms of the Spirit on August 12th from 7- 8:30PM

Joy in Persecution on August 26th from 7- 8:30PM

The Belly of the Beast on September 9th from 7- 8:30PM

Who better to look to for guidance on evangelization than the Apostles and disciples of the early Church? And what better place to read their stories than in the firsthand account of the Acts of the Apostles? In the ten-part series Evangelization and the Acts of the Apostles, Dr. Mary Healy combines insightful biblical study with Church teaching and practical advice to show how modern Catholics can effectively impact their world for Jesus Christ.

Dr. Healy explores topics such as the call of Jesus to evangelize, the power of the Sacraments, the role of charisms for building up the Body of Christ, techniques from St. Paul for reaching a secular culture, and more. Using the Lectio Divina approach of reading, reflecting, responding, and contemplating, the accompanying workbook presents classic artistry, penetrating questions, and personal reflection to take the teachings to a deeper level.