Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Work – Study Program

OLG has a long history of supporting Cristo Rey Jesuit High School (CRJHS) which started over 10 years ago. During the 2015-2016 school year, we took this relationship to a new level by participating in the CRJHS Work-Study program with two students.

All students at CRJHS work one day a week at a corporate/non-profit site learning skills that will give them valuable experience all through life. OLG parish/school and the OLD Men’s Club each pay $7500 for these student’s work. The money goes directly to CRJHS to offset over 60% of the cost of their education.

“The students are truly working their way through High School!”
— John McNeill long time supporter of the Cristo Rey Work Study Program

During the 2017-2018 school year, we again have two students (Bretxi and Giovanny) whose time is split between the school and the parish office.  The students help with Spanish, photocopying, work as teachers’ aides for students who need extra attention, and assist the staff in many ways.

Say hello to Bretxi and Giovanny the next time you see them. Thank them for their work and wish them well.