Something to Think About

As the school year comes to a close I think about all the young graduates who are looking for their first job in their field.  They are in my prayers almost constantly for many reasons, but perhaps the most important reason is that meaningful work is so important to a fulfilled life.  The definition of meaningful work is different for each of us, but I believe that meaningful work allows the individual to use her skills and knowledge, that it benefits somebody, and that it pays a fair wage.  Of course, the work should be performed in a safe environment and consistent with the worker’s ethics.  These aren’t just my beliefs, these are taken from Catholic Social Teaching.  In a country like the US, many of these rights are taken for granted. After all, we have minimum wage standards, OSHA to keep the workplace safe, and education in a chosen field is available to most of us.  And here at OLG, most of our children have the luxury of a safety net which allows them to take some time to find a job in their field.  What a blessing!  When I look at these blessings, I’m so grateful to our parish for working to provide some of the same blessings to  children beyond our parish borders.  We tutor the children of immigrants at JPII in math and reading; basic skills that will allow them to continue to succeed both in school and in life.  We have two great boys from Cristo Rey who are learning the value of work and the joy of teaching. We help finance various forms of education for parishioners of San Max in Honduras, and we have helped provide our sister parish in Ghana with a high school and funds for scholarships. We do all this to make sure that bright students of varying backgrounds have access to skills that will allow them to find meaningful work that will support them and their families in the future.  This week Our Lady of Grace High School in Ghana will graduate its first class!!  I ask you to join with me in prayers of gratitude for the work of the teachers, staff and students which made this possible along with prayers of thanksgiving for the generosity of the many OLG parishioners who worked to make this happen.  Something to think about