Something to Think About

As part of my job, I work with new parishioner orientations and I talk about how we hope each new parishioner finds a way to participate in the life of the parish.  This is important because each parish is an important piece of the Kingdom of God and each parishioner has a role in building that Kingdom which is characterized by the evidence of God’s peace, love and justice. While each person’s relationship with Jesus is important, it is also important to be part of the community of believers; to add one’s voice to the voices praising God and seeking God’s bounty for all people. I recently met with a fairly new parishioner who is earnestly seeking a way to be more engaged with the life of the parish—and she will be 99 in July!  I am inspired by her desire to be part of the community and to continue to use her skills (she’s a retired teacher) to benefit others.  Her determination inspires and encourages me to look for more ways I can help build the community of believers that is the Kingdom of God.  I encourage you to look at how you might be called to use your gifts and skills to build the Kingdom.  Something to think about

Melissa Miller
Director of Social Justice and Parish Life