Something to Think About

I recently listened to a great commencement address that made me think about how I approach issues of justice large and small.  Think about how you react when a small thing goes wrong. Do you get angry and yell? Do you think about whether the problem is worth the energy? Do you sweat the small stuff?  I try not to tell people not to get upset over the seemingly small things; after all, some of life’s little annoyances are actually worth being upset about.  For one thing, I can comment on the person next to me who uses racially or sexually derogatory language whereas I can’t fix apartheid.  And to be honest, sometimes it is difficult to call a friend on their lack of respect for others. But each time you or I stand up to small injustices we improve our strength and our likelihood of standing up to larger problems.  Or as Jesus said “Whoever is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much;” Luke 16:10So I invite you to look at your response to life’s challenges and remember that how you treat the small problems will also be how you react to the large ones.  Join me as I try to form my life and responses in a manner consistent with the faith I profess.  Something to think about

—Melissa Miller