Something to Think About

Throughout Scripture we are shown God’s concern for the oppressed.  In fact, our Catholic Social Teaching has a preferential option for the poor. That’s great, but sometimes we can’t identify the poor as easily as one might think.  There are many ways to be poor,  to lack financial resources, to lack hope, or to have lost the one person you counted on to be with you always.  God is especially concerned about the widows.  During early history, the widow often had a life filled with hardships without a husband to provide for her day to day needs.  While that certainly can be true today, many widows are faced with a different type of poverty—loneliness compounded by grief.  When a spouse is lost, the survivor often is surrounded by friends and family to help them through the shock and that’s wonderful.  But after a while, friends and family return to the own lives and the widow is left alone in her grief, missing her life’s companion.  As a matter of justice and compassion, perhaps we can look at how we treat the widowed in our lives whether it’s our mother, sister, or neighbor.  A call, a wave, or visit might be what is needed for her to feel loved and important.   Something to think about

—Melissa Miller