Something to Think About

This week has been especially busy here at Our Lady of Grace as we say goodbye to Fr. Marc and hello to Fr. Neil Bakker; we’ve had an unusually large number of funerals come in and we’ve had baptisms too.  Of course, we’re working on the parish directory, faith formation, and our prayer life, Masses and all the things that make us Catholic Christians.  These are good things, in fact, some are very good as the busier the parish, the more evident God’s presence is. Cars in the parish parking lot tell me that people are working on bringing forth the Kingdom of God.  Because of course, the reality is that we make God’s presence known by how we act each and every day.  Do we show patience with those around us, take time to hug the widow who is overcome with grief, put a couple of extra items in our grocery carts to feed the hungry?  These small acts of kindness make God’s kingdom of love evident to those around us.  And as we make these small efforts, we show our children and grandchildren that how we treat people matters.  It is in the family that we first learn the lessons of God’s love for us and how to share that love.  Something to think about

-Melissa Miller