Something to Think About

Last week I read Jason Adkin’s very thoughtful article in the Catholic Spirit and it inspired me.  As Catholics, we are called to live in this world and prepare for eternal life with God; to care for all creation as good stewards.  Now stewards aren’t something we think about very often, but in times past, stewards were charged with maintaining the economy of great households. When we think about it in those terms, with God as the source of this great household, it’s easy to see why we need to be good stewards.  Aspects of being a good steward might include living within one’s means and not piling up debt. That aspect of stewardship applies equally to our family and our city, state and country so that we can afford the things we need like a good education for our children, or clean water for drinking, or well-maintained roads.  I think most of us can agree that these are important priorities where we need to be able to spend money.  As you look forward to the election, there will be other areas where decisions made today will effect what we can do tomorrow.  I invite you to consider those issues prayerfully and think like a good steward of the many gifts we’ve been given.  Something to think about.

—Melissa Miller