Something to Think About

Melissa Miller
Director of Community Life & Social Justice
I'm not much of a sports fan, but I watch the   Olympics because I love the ideal of people of many different countries coming together with one common goal and ideal.  I enjoy watching these athletes who have often sacrificed a great deal to get their strive and try to do well, and (mostly) being good sports whether or not they win; typically showing respect for the other competitors.  It makes such a nice break from the polarization we see so often in the news.  The Olympics remind me a bit of the Kingdom of God with all sorts of people participating and honored.  Last weekend, we honored our sister parishes at all Masses, with the second reading in Spanish and hospitality after the 9:30 and 11:30 Masses.  As I looked about the Commons, I was thrilled to see people trying food that is native to Ghana and Honduras and really enjoying it. I saw them chatting with their neighbors, smiling and laughing being in communion with one another.  We honored our sisters and brothers in faith, both here at OLG and around the world.  What a great thing! Earlier last week, a group from ourparish enjoyed a typical Ecuadoran meal at John Paul II prep i n Northeast Minneapolis, celebrating the success of a small Catholic school and our roll in that success.  Both these events helped me remember that it takes all of us to build the kingdom of God and that we are more alike than different. I urge you to continue to see our parish as living in solidarity with God's children, wherever they may be.  Think and pray about where you are called to be a builder. There are so many ways to build that Kingdom and each of us has a role.  Something to think about.