Something to Think About

Melissa Miller
Director of Community Life & Social Justice
It’s almost the beginning of a new school year and to me,  that’s the true start of the new year and new beginnings. I love the joy of a clean slate, a new year to be formed.  That’s what God’s mercy does—it gives us a new start to be formed in His own image.  When I repent of my past misdeeds and mistakes, God’s mercy is available to me through the sacraments of the Church and I am formed anew in His image of pure love.  And then, I am inspired to take love and put it into action; to help make the world reflect this loving God.  Sometimes my inspiration stays close to home and I look at the surplus of possessions that I have amassed and I donate them to Sharing and Caring Hands or a battered women’s shelter.  Sometimes, I go a bit further afield and cook for the hungry or visit the elderly or donate to a cause near to my heart. Other times I write my elected representatives advocating for food for the hungry or asking them to take meaningful action on Syrian refugees.  What I do is important for me—it helps me feel that I am working for peace and justice and building the Kingdom of God.  Something to think about