Something to Think About

Melissa Miller
Director of Community Life & Social Justice
A break from the election coverage seems in order as we all ponder our options.  I’m looking out my window at a beautiful fall day, thinking about the colored leaves and the smell of fall and the bounty of the earth.  In our world of supermarkets, and Whole Foods stores with all their abundance, we are usually very removed from the source of our food and I’m not sure that’s a good thing for many reasons.  If I’m in a grocery store, I don’t think about the labor that goes in to growing the food I eat: those who plant, and weed, and harvest, and process the beautiful produce that nourishes me.  I take their time and energy for granted and often don’t think about whether they receive a fair return on their time and money. I also don’t think about the methods they use in their farming such as whether they use more chemicals than necessary or treat their livestock humanely.  Perhaps I should pay more attention to that.  But perhaps more significantly, when I’m eating raspberries from my sister-in-law’s patch or tomatoes my daughter grew, I am more likely to remember and thank God (after all, the source of all creation) for the food that nourishes me and sustains my life.  I’m also more likely to remember that all things have a beginning and an end—even me and I think that awareness is good.  When I’m aware that  the food I eat and the life I live is a gift from God, I treat both with more respect.  In this harvest season, I invite you to look at your food a bit differently and then to think about what else you might take for granted.  Then, spend a minute in gratitude for the plenty most of us enjoy and say a prayer for those in need.  Something to think about.