Something to Think About: Living in Our Community


Melissa Miller
Director of Community Life & Social Justice
Catholic Social Teaching deeply values community and the common good as our tradition proclaims that the person is sacred and social.  In early Christian days, to be cut off from the community was likely to mean death as the community was the source of all sustenance.  Thankfully, that isn’t our situation, but life in a community is still important.  Think about a shut-in friend or relative and I’ll bet that one of the first problems that person brings up is loneliness.  Think about how isolating it can be not to be able to participate in the life of your community, even in the little things like greeting a neighbor on a walk.  One of the questions I ponder is how to keep the community strong; both our community of faith and the community in which I live.  How do I participate? How do I “love my neighbor”?  Contribute to the common good?  In an election year, one way I participate in the life of my community is by voting for every race that is on the ballot. Of course, I’m concerned with the top of the ticket elections, but I’m equally as concerned about the local elections because that’s where I can see the impact my participation has.  I can often reach these officials by calling or emailing and get a personal response that truly responds to my concern.  So, I urge you to vote in all the elections on your ballot.  You’ll be affirming not only democracy, but your Catholic faith.  Something to think about.