Recruiting Stephen Ministers

Are You Called to Be a Stephen Minister?

Stephen Ministry is a quiet ministry. We work confidentially one-on-one with people who need a little listening support. We’re not a flashy group. We don’t post great pictures of our meetings with our care receiver on Instagram or Facebook. We don’t Tweet about our ministry. Because…we’re a quiet ministry…and CONFIDENTIAL.

Each week our Stephen Minsters meet one-on one with their care receivers for about an hour. They listen. They encourage. They pray with and for their care receiver. They ask the Holy Spirit to guide them and their ministry.

Sometimes Stephen Ministry can stretch us; take us places we might not choose. Our care receiver might have a terminal illness—and we might worry that we have nothing to offer. But we do. We have ourselves. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Our presence is our ministry. We simply show up. If we’re really good at Stephen Ministry, we show up and shut up. We let our care receiver talk. We let them tell their story. Without judgment. Without commentary. Ours is a listening presence. We honor another by listening to their stories, hearing their pain and their struggles and being with them in “it”, whatever “it” is.

Our job is not to fix. Most of life’s painful struggles are not fixable. Our job is to listen, to pray, and to offer a compassionate non-judgmental ear. We help. Jesus Heals. Sort of takes the pressure off, doesn’t it?

Think you’re called to be a Stephen Minister? We’re listening!

Our Stephen Ministers will be present after every mass to answer your questions, help you discern, ponder whether this might be the time for you to train for Stephen Ministry. Call Beryl at 952-929-3317 or email her at