Something to Think About: Prayer for Election

Something to think about, and pray about. The US Bishops have set forth a Novena for the time between now and the election, and I’d like to share some of their prayers as I think they are beautiful. I encourage you to pray and meditate on them. Care for Creation is a moral issue. Heavenly Father, you gave us this earth to till and to keep. May we elect leaders who pursue policies that respect the gift of creation and ensure its bounty is available to all, now and in the future. Through Christ our Lord, AMEN

Do our economic decisions protect the dignity of the human
person? Heavenly Father, you created man to work, glorifying you in our everyday labors. Help us to elect officials who recognize the dignity of work, and are committed to just economic policies. Through Crist our Lord, AMEN

Religious liberty is our first and most important freedom. Heavenly Father, you created us to love and serve you in everything we do. Please help us support candidates who will protect the rights of citizens to worship and fully practice their faith. Through Christ our Lord, AMEN

Dignity of Life Heavenly Father, you created every human life with unrepeatable and inestimable value. May we elect candidates who have a profound reverence for lifeand seek to protect all lives from the moment of conception to a natural death. Through Christ our Lord, AMEN