Your True DNA Book Signing 11/6

Monday, November 6, 6:30 PM Dining Room. 

After 11 years of work, 18 months of writing, it is off the press Deacon Winninger will be sharing an in-person overview of the book Your True DNA. Reception to follow. Join us for refreshments, fun, and insights.

Your True DNA Cover.png


The book is about discovering what you are supposed to be doing with your life. It is about discovering God's purpose and call.

It takes the reader through 12 truths and 10 passages of transformational discovery. It is not meant to help you change but rather to determine who you are really mean to be and what you are really meant to be doing with your life.  

The essence of the book gives a path to follow: How to identify your true gift, your true DNA (Divine Natural Attribute). 

True DNA is that character in your created nature that when applied to the opportunities that are coming your way, offers insights into your own unique purpose and call. 

Each one of us was created with a purpose something that we are to contribute during our life journey. This book helps the reader discover that something.

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