Local City and School Elections 11/7


Do you know that there are local elections in November?  The elections are primarily for the school boards in our area, although St. Louis Park does have council members up for election.  These off-year elections get very little attention, but I think they are one of the best ways that we get to influence what goes on. 

Think about it - we have a better chance of knowing the local candidates, they are more likely to return our phone calls and, let’s be clear, the policy set by our local school boards is very important.  Millions of people vote in presidential elections, and that’s as it should be.  Yet there are comparatively few people who vote in local elections. Sometimes these important jobs are decided by under 100 votes. 

As the first teachers of our children, don’t we want a voice in how that education continues?  I know I do. Our faith calls us to engage in the world, to be faithful citizens.  Part of being a faithful citizen is engaging in the political process at all levels of government.  Obviously we want civil discourse, qualified people making decisions, and people who will use the taxes we pay responsibly.  This is true no matter what office we are voting for. 

So go vote on November 7th. Know that you are helping to shape the policy of your school district or town.

For information about where to vote, contact your city hall.


The only elections in the City of Edina are for the school Board and a Levy Referendum from the school.  Each School Board Member serves a four year term. There are twelve candidates for four seats on the  School Board:

For more information about each candidate, visit the Edina School’s website.

In addition, there is a Levy Referendum on the ballot which seeks to renew the expiring operating levy and increase the district’s local revenue authority to provide operating funds for day-to-day expenses including teachers, curriculum, transportation and utilities.  The current levy expires at the end of the next school year and the proposed levy will continue for an additional ten year., adding $445 ($1857.46 total)  per pupil until 2020 when it would increase to $2075.07. This provides 12% of the Edina School’s operating budget.

Eden Prairie

The only elections in Eden Prairie are for the School Board.  Of the seven members of the Eden Prairie School Board, three  are up for election this year.  Those elected will serve three year terms.  For more information about the Eden Prairie Elections, visit https://www.edenpr.org/elections.

  • Elaine Larabee
  • Holly Link
  • Esra Riggs
  • Terri Swartout
  • Lauren Crandall
  •  Kenneth Robinson
  • John Scheid
  • Barb West

St. Louis Park

St. Louis Park is electing 3 of 7 School Board members and four of six City Council members for Wards 1 through 4 as well as voting on 2 referendums.  The School Board terms are four years and the Council members serve four year terms. For more information on the School Board or referendums, please see https://www.slpschools.org/site/default.aspx. For more information on the city council races, go to https:www.stlouispark.org/government/elections.

The candidates for Council members are:

Ward 1

  • Margaret Rog
  • Brian Shekleton

Ward 2

  • Anne Mavity
  • Noelle Racette

Ward 3

  • Rachel Harris
  • Jim Leuthner

Ward 4

  • Tim Brausen

The candidates for School Board are

  • Bruce Cantor
  • Anne Casey
  • Christine M Johnson
  • Mary Tomback
  • Karen D Waters

The School Referendums include a $100.9 million bond referendum for remodeling,  classroom additions, upgrading furniture and kitchens, improve backbone technology and completing deferred maintenance projects.