Encounter Family Retreat - Becoming Soil For Jesus (Reflection)


Sr. Julieta Del Carpio, P.E.S.
Middle School and Confirmation Youth Minister

On September 23rd the youth and parents of our Encounter faith formation program participated in a family retreat to start off the new year. The youth had a blast learning how to be the "good soil" from the parable of the sower so that the seeds the Lord plants in them will grow. They experienced this through skits, obstacle courses, prayer, talks, games, praise and worship as well as adoration. Over 60 parents had their first orientation session where they learned more about how their children will be growing this year in Confirmation and faith formation. Fr. Kevin gave a talk about how holiness begins in the family, where faith should be shared between the parents and children and how important it is for families to be engaged with the faith activities that their children are doing.

“The Encounter parent orientation was helpful andinformative as we enter into the important time of Confirmation. It was a great opportunity for us to pause in our busy week, join as a parent community, and pray together in support of our children continuing their faith journey. Hearing Father Kevin’s message andexperiencing the sisters sharing their love for Jesus is always inspirational! I am so grateful for their service.” - Karen Doll, mother of a 7th grader