Children Sending Joy to Africa Through Soccer 12/22


Please bring new or gently used soccer balls, soccer uniforms, ball-pumps and pump-tips to Cassidy Hall by December 22 for Father Neil and our OLG missionaries who will be traveling to Africa on January 2 to visit our Sister Parish,  St Joseph’s. They will visit the outlying churches, lower schools, and the senior high school – where they will paint, build walls and provide other important assistance to our Sister Parish as they care for their congregants and students.

Through Father Neil’s travels he has recognized that children everywhere love to play soccer, but often they do not have access to the equipment needed – they improvise, but it is not the same.  A new soccer ball can bring so much joy for a kid. This is the perfect opportunity for our OLG kids to give to other kids, to make a difference one kid at a time.

For further questions or if you would rather donate cash to this cause, please contact Christina Barberot at for more information.