Moving Toward the Son - Rejoice!


Fr. Neil Bakker, Parochial Vicar

What a wonderful occasion to rejoice!  Our God sends us a Savior, no ordinary human. He sends His Son, the second person of the Trinity, to come and be with us - closer to us than any person has ever been. The Holy Family is not just another human family, but both the exemplar model for all family life and our true family into which we are born at baptism.

Mary is our mother; Joseph is our step-father; Jesus is our Lord and brother. The tender love that they had for one another, they also have for us. The care and protection Joseph provided them, he provides for us. The motherly love and concern Mary had for Jesus, she has for us.

The Holy Family is our family, and it shows us the importance of family life.  We must protect the sanctity of the family by using the Holy Family as our model.  Full of forgiveness, patience, compassion and empathy, Jesus, Mary and Joseph invite us to reflect on how we can better exhibit these virtues to our immediate families as well as our family of Faith in the Church.