Adoration During Lent

Jesus invites us to dwell within His Presence. And there to come to know the breadth and depth of His love, mercy and kindness that He shows to us. While it’s nice to read or study about the love and mercy of God, how radically different it is from experiencing His love and mercy.

So I invite you this Lenten season to carve out a few extra minutes every week to be still before God in our Adoration Chapel. Quiet your heart that you might hear His heart speak: Cor ad Cor. Heart to heart.

Yes, come with all your concerns and worries; come with all your hopes and desires; come with all your fears and unmet dreams; come with all your sin and what burdens you down; come as you are. But most importantly simply come with your heart. Place it all before Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament. Quietly sit in His presence. Gaze upon Him as He tenderly gazes upon you. Listen to His quiet voice: Cor ad Cor.Heart to heart.
How blessed to experience the love of God in so intimate a way in our Adoration Chapel.

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

“Jesus went up on a mountain by himself to pray.” (Matthew 14:22)

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in and eat with that person and they with me.” (Revelation 3:20)

“My soul finds rest in God.” (Psalm 62:1)

In Christ,
Father Kevin Finnegan


You'll notice cards on the North Common's wall over the course of Lent.  We invite each of you to take one of these cards off the wall when you go to spend some time with our Lord in adoration.  There will be a basket in the chapel for you to leave the card after your visit.

Testimonies of Adoration

"Adoration gives me time to not only petition our Lord in peace, but also the silence to listen when he speaks to me." - Ben, Adorer for 4 months

"It is my one reliable chance each week to find silence, to be alone with God, and to ask Him to remind me of all that is good, and true, and beautiful in my life. I never regret going." - Karen, new adorer at Our Lady of Grace

“Adoration allows me to thank God for all the blessings He has given me.” - Dan, adorer for many years

“It's about him looking at me and me looking at him; undisturbed.” - Peter, adorer at Our Lady of Grace

“I get more out of Adoration than I put into it.” - Doug, adorer at Our Lady of Grace

“I love my hour, at the end of the day, to pray quietly, with no distractions. Just Jesus and me.” - Mary Jo, adorer for 15 years 

"Adoration helps to renew and re-energize me during a busy week.  It's a wonderful time to pray, reflect, and spend time with Jesus.   Although I've only been doing adoration for four months, I've fallen in love with it and highly recommend it to others." - Jason, adorer for 4 months

“I adore because it gives me personal and intimate time alone with Jesus.  No distractions. No agenda.  Just resting in His graces.” - Mary Jo, adorer at Our Lady of Grace

“I have been making visits to the Adoration Chapel for almost eleven years, sometimes only for a minute, other times longer than an hour. When I sufficiently quiet myself and humbly reach out to God during Adoration, he makes his presence known to me. I receive great peace and renewal.” - Julie, adorer at Our Lady of Grace

"Eucharistic adoration has been a great blessing in my life for the past 10 years.  It centers me each week and is a quiet respite from the rush of every day life.  I always feel more at peace and thankful at the completion of my hour." - Karen, adorer for 10+ years

“Adoration allows me to take everything from the past week -my successes, my shortcomings, my joys and my struggles- and give it all to Jesus. It is during this time that I receive gratitude, clarity, grace and peace.” - Tricia, adorer for 4 months

“Lately I've been struggling with my anxiety. I was researching meditation as a calming technique and then in mass Father Kevin spoke about the need/call/benefits for people to come and sign up for eucharistic adoration.  The Holy Spirit was telling me I should give adoration a try, even though I seem to busy to carve out an hour every week.  I just signed up!  I can't begin to tell you how fabulous the experience has been!  Being alone at peace with Jesus is exactly what I needed. Thank you Father Kevin and Holy Spirit for leading me to do this.” - Jill, new adorer