Day of Mercy: 3/22/17 UPDATED WITH PHOTOS

Wednesday, March 22, 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Soup Supper in the Dining Room

Last year, a woman left our Day of Mercy beaming. She said she “felt light as a feather.” Reconciliation can do that. We all want to be in right relationship with each other and with God—and sometimes we need to stop and mindfully consider what we have done or left undone that needs forgiveness.

Sin is a tricky thing. Sometimes we are fully aware that we crossed the line, we did something thoughtlessly or perhaps even intentionally hurtful. We let our lesser selves exact some petty revenge on another, we gossiped because the news was too scandalously delicious not to share, we put ourselves and our own needs and desires above everyone else, even God.

But other times, we dance with the “sin of omission”, perhaps we knew our action could make a difference for good and we simply didn’t bother to help. We ignore the nudging of the Holy Spirit in our life; we don’t mindfully offer our life each day to our God. We act as if we are in charge and only touch base with God when things go astray.

Asking for God’s mercy through reconciliation has a way of lightening our load. It sets us on a straight path again and helps us realign our life and our heart with God.

Maybe reconciliation is a part of your weekly worship experience. Maybe you haven’t considered reconciliation since fourth grade. Either way, join us. We will have plenty of resources handy to guide you through the process. Come encounter the healing mercy of God!

Our Lenten Day of Reconciliation is Wednesday, March 22nd. Come by anytime between 1:00 PM-9:00 PM. Our Stephen Ministry Team will welcome you and help you navigate the process if this is a homecoming for you. We’ll even feed you! We are offering a simple soup supper after reconciliation in the Dining Room.

Lent is the time to prepare our hearts. Make straight our paths. Join us for the Day of Mercy.