Are You Called to be a Member of the Parish Pastoral Council?

Dear members of Our Lady of Grace Parish,

We would like you to prayerfully consider participating in our upcoming discernment process to join the Our Lady of Grace Parish Pastoral Council. Volunteering your time to serve on the Parish Pastoral Council is a generous way to serve our church community and wonderful opportunity to grow in depth of faith as you use your gifts of leadership and prayer for His work at OLG.

Over the past couple of years, the Parish Pastoral Council has adapted both the process for joining the council as well as the framework of the council to improve how we use the gifts and talents of the members of our parish. Please see the reverse side of this paper for an overview of the discernment process for joining Parish Pastoral Council, as well as a description of the role of Parish Pastoral Council member. 

Please feel free to reach out to the Parish Pastoral Council Chair, Ginny Ogle, with any questions at 612-940-1273 or 

In His name, 

Fr. Kevin Finnegan                         Ginny Ogle
Pastor                                             Chair, Parish Pastoral Council


Each spring the OLG community replaces several of its Parish Pastoral Council members who have completed their terms of service. In years past this has occurred through parish elections. Beginning in 2016, OLG started using a prayerfuldiscernment process like many other archdiocesan parishes. Discernment involves prayer and discussion among present council members and interested candidates, during which both groups learn more about one another, the role of the Parish Pastoral Council and the needs of the parish. Prayerful discernment helps candidates, the Parish Pastoral Council and the Pastor make informed and spirit-filled decisions in the best interest of the candidates and the parish.

  • Members of OLG interested participating in the discernment process are asked to reach out to Ginny Ogle
  • Those will be asked to fill out a short, thoughtful application to help pray and reflect on the commitment to serving.
  • Finally, the OLG Parish Pastoral Council invites all who may be interested in serving on the council to attend a prayerful discernment  session on May 16, 2017, at 6:30 PM in the OLG Dining Room. At the session, all interested candidates meet with current council members to learn more about their specific roles and responsibilities. They also will have an opportunity to share how they believe their talents can best serve OLG. Additionally, the spiritual process of discernment will help candidates develop a better sense of whether or not they are called to serve in this ministry.

To help determine if you’re being called to serve on the Parish Pastoral Council, consider the following questions as you pray and reflect about this opportunity:

  • What is a distinctive gift in our community that can serve the greater good of the broader church?
  • What in our parish community fosters your growth in faith?
  • What are you most grateful for at Our Lady of Grace?


The OLG Parish Pastoral Council, along with two parish trustees and the Associate Pastor, serves as aconsultative body to the pastor to further the parish pastoral mission. OLG’s pastoral mission is to create a Catholic community centered on Jesus Christ present in the celebration of the Eucharist; a community that is guided by the Holy Spirit and apostolic teaching authority and traditions of the universal Catholic Church. The Parish Pastoral Council and the pastor work together to identify and evaluate the pastoral initiatives and policies best suited to grow OLG’s four pillars of hospitality, formation, prayer and service.

The ideal Parish Pastoral Council includes a range in age, experience, parish tenure and talent. Candidates should be registered parishioners, faithful Catholics, willing to honor diverse opinions and able to compromise as well as think critically about a variety of issues. 

Required Commitment:

  • Each member serves a 3-year term during which they act  as a representative of the parish community as a whole.
  • Parish Pastoral Council meets, as a whole, 5 times per year from September through June. 
  • Each council member serves one of two sub-committees to focus specially on important mission and ministry, as well as strategy of the parish. These committees may meet as needed between the larger Parish Pastoral Council meetings. 

Parish Spirituality Commission

Mission Statement: To make Jesus Christ known and loved among Our Lady of Grace parishioners through an increased awareness of the value of prayer and conversation with God.      
Objective: This sub-committee is responsible for helping the Pastor and Parish Pastoral Council provide the Parish and Parishioners with individual and communal opportunities for spiritual growth, through the development of a 1-3 year strategic plan and engagement of other OLG committees (i.e. evangelization, stewardship, staff, and liturgical). 

Pastoral Planning Commission

Mission Statement: To facilitate the continued growth and sustainability of the parish through supporting the strategic planning and visioning of the Pastor and his leadership team.
Objective: This sub-committee is responsible for supporting the Pastor and Parish Pastoral Council in developing a 5-year strategic plan focused on celebrating the legacy of Our Lady of Grace parish as well as supporting growth and change which will allow OLG to flourish in the years to come.