Missionary Speaker of the Kitui Diocese, Kenya 7/29-30

Fr. Robert Kalima of the Diocese of Kitui, Kenya, will be celebrating the Masses at Our Lady of Grace on the weekend of July 29-30.  Kitui lies in a semi-arid region where peasants struggle to survive on subsistence agriculture, and health is challenged by malaria, HIV/AIDS and intestinal worms.  In the face of this immense struggle, the Catholic Church in Kitui is a tremendous source of life and hope, and has grown from a few hundred to more than 300,000 Catholics in just 50 years!  

In 2004, our archdiocese began a partnership with the Kitui Diocese to deepen our bonds to the African Church.  Through this partnership many in our archdiocese have been inspired and touched by the warmth, joy and vibrant Catholic faith of our sisters and brothers in Kenya.

There will be a second collection to support the emerging Catholic Church in Kitui that is such a beacon of hope to the people. Please extend a warm welcome to Fr. Kalima and please be generous as possible. Thank you.