UPDATE: The Priests are Moving

Last month through our bulletin we announced “Our Priests Are Moving”. Here is an update to let you know that we are closer to that reality.

Through the generous support of a Catholic foundation, a temporary rectory has been identified and a purchase offer has been accepted. The temporary rectory is located in Edina at 5111 Scriver Road, about 2 miles (approximately 10 minutes’ drive) from the parish. We anticipate a mid-August move date. 

We have taken this interim step for two reasons. First, our current rectory is no longer a viable alternative for our priests to live in. It has structural and environment issues that cannot be corrected without great expense (as well as no guarantee the problems will be resolved) and, as such, living there is not a good or healthy option for us priests. The second reason we have delayed a new rectory “campaign” is the Archdiocesan Bankruptcy. The bankruptcy is very complicated and we need to wait to see how and when it is finally settled. The timeframe for the settlement is unknown at this time.  

So how will this affect you and your spiritual needs? It will not. What you receive today in terms of priestly ministry will continue as it has in the past. The sacramental life of the parish (i.e. Mass, reconciliation) will be unchanged as well. Do as you would do today if you need a priest. 

Again, using the current rectory in any capacity is not a viable option given the structural and environmentalproblems that exist today. We are looking at proposals to demolish the existing structure sometime later this fall and will return the area to natural “greenspace” until such time that we determine a different use for the area. 

Finally, in consultation with parish leadership, my intention remains to have a new rectory built on campus. I believe that building a rectory on campus is likely 3 – 5 years away given the Archdiocesan Bankruptcy as well as the time needed to finish design, funding, City of Edina approval, and actual building of a new rectory. 

We “padres” are very grateful for your concerns about our living arrangements and are excited about this next chapter in the life of Our Lady of Grace. If you have any questions or comments, please email Elizabeth Friedenfeld at efriendenfeld@olgparish.org

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Father Kevin Finnegan