OLG School Furniture move UPDATE!


From Edina to Mamponteng, it's arrived!!!  How amazing is this??  We packed it...shipped it...and a few months later it's out of port and in the hands of our Sister Parish (Saint Joseph's), the various elementary and middle-schools, and our Senior High School!

Here is the furniture placed in the classrooms!

Some chairs were taken to one of the schools attached to our Sister Parish in a nearby village.  There are 5 Churches, with schools, attached to our Sister parish.


"As you can see the chairs will have to be carried into the Headteacher's office after use every day because there is no wall to protect them."
- Father Sylvester

A huge thank you to the nearly 100 people (women, men, and children) who came out to help us move 26 classrooms of furniture into 3 sea containers, to ship to our Sister Parish and Sister School in Ghana Africa!  What an amazing feat this was!!  I am so proud of our community, in the way we pulled together, and made a fun time of it!  Thanks again for the tremendous effort! - Fr Neil