OLG Senior High School Graduate Receives FULL University Scholarship!


Hubert Apana is a bright 18 year old from a very humble background. He is the 4th of 7  children ìn a Catholic family at Mamponteng. His father, a farmer and part time security guard at the Mamponteng District Health Center, died when Hubert was only 12 years. His non-literate mother had to, and still does, sell maize porridge near the health center to fend for the children.

After completing his basic education (primary and junior high school) his mother considered it a God-sent intervention that a Catholic senior high school Our Lady of Grace had been established at Mamponteng. She persuaded him to apply there. 

High School

Hubert entered Our Lady of Grace Senior High School in 2013 with keenness but faced serious financial difficulties ìn his first term and some senior members of the school had to help him out. By the second term he had established himself as a top student in science and was rewarded with one of the scholarships provided to Our Lady of Grace Senior High School for bright and needy students, by kind parishioners of Our Lady of Grace Parish in Edina, MN. 

In High School Hubert took active part in debates and quiz competitions and was also a devoted Mass server. He remained a diligent student. It was no surprise that in May 2016 Hubert graduated from senior high school with several prizes including the prize for the Overall Best Student in Science, and Overall Best Student of the graduating class.


The next stage in the development of the human potential of this young person from humble beginnings is university. He was encouraged to apply to Ashesi University College, Ghana's leading private undergraduate institution, to study his preferred subject of Computer Engineering. Our Lady of Grace Senior High School is developing a professional relationship with Ashesi but Hubert Apana was given admission for the 2017/2018 academic year purely on his own merit. His high school grades were excellent and he passed an admissions interview successfully. What has surprised him, his mother, the Our Lady of Grace Senior High School administration, and all who have supported him so far, is that Ashesi University has awarded him one of their coveted Mastercard Foundation scholarships for full tuition and accommodation for the four year course in Computer Engineering.

To God be the Glory!

One may ask what would have happened to Hubert after his basic schooling at Mamponteng at the age of 14? When I (Dr. Agnes Aidoo) spoke with him a while ago by telephone he simply said "All that has happened to me from Our Lady of Grace Senior High School to Ashesi is a miracle. It is the work of the Almighty God."

I personally think that the value of the support that Our Lady of Grace Parish have given to the establishment of Our Lady of Grace Senior High School in Ghana can only be measured in such human enrichment terms as the story of Hubert Apana.

May God bless all our benefactors!

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