NEW Marian Wood Carving

In September 2016 a storm damaged two trees in the front of the School, one of which, a 150 year-old oak tree, by a direct lightning strike that had essentially split the tree in two.

OLG contracted  a tree service to remove both trees. As the trees were being removed, Dcn. Bob Durham asked that the oak tree remain at a safe height. He wanted to find some way to preserve the 150 year-old oak tree that would have been around when Abraham Lincoln took the oath of office as 16th President of the United States.

Several wood sculptors were interviewed, told of the height, type and circumference of the tree. They indicated that this could be a wonderful opportunity to create art out of misfortune and preserve the tree for generations of OLG families. OLG chose Curtis Ingvoldstad to design an image for the tree. 

Curtis Ingvoldstad designed the sculpture to be a contemplation of Mary that is intended to be a contemporary and thoughtful departure from the classical Mary depictions that currently exist on the OLG Campus. Starting at the top of the sculpture there is the classical theme of two angels descending upon Mary with a crown representing God/God’s word. One looks toward Heaven and the other towards earth.  Just below them is Mary represented in silhouette with a halo carved into the wood. Around the base of the sculpture there are three scenes from Mary’s life: the Annunciation, Crucifixion and  Assumption.

Creation Process

Completed Sculpture