2018 Prayer Fair Weekend 2/24-25


Do you pray daily?  Are you teaching your kids how to pray? Do you have a relationship with Jesus?

Our parish mission is to make Jesus Christ known and loved.  Come hear from ordinary parishioners like yourself on how they have developed full and fruitful lives of prayer.  More than 50 workshop opportunities will be offered throughout the weekend to help you learn to encounter and deepen your relationship with Jesus. Start planning now to spend an extra 20 minutes after mass to take part in the food, fellowship, and faith sharing with your fellow parishioners.

"If you knew the gift of God!" - John 4:10
“The wonder of prayer is revealed beside the well where we come seeking water: there, Christ comes to meet every human being. It is he who first seeks us and asks us for a drink. Jesus thirsts; his asking arises from the depths of God’s desire for us. Whether we realize it or not, prayer is the encounter of God’s thirst with ours.God thirsts that we may thirst for him.”  - CCC 2560

From the Pastor

Father Kevin Finnegan, Pastor

On February 24 and 25, Our Lady of Grace will be hosting its 4th annual Prayer Fair all weekend long.  

The Prayer Fair helps us all as fellow parishioners learn about various approaches to pray and grow in our own personal prayer life. This in turn helps us as a community to grow in holiness. Something I am very proud of is that the Prayer Fair workshops are led and hosted by our fellow parishioners – people like yourself, sharing how they pray, giving insights into what they have found helpful.  Hopefully this gives you encouragement to say: I too can pray. I too can take time to be with Jesus and know his love!  This is such a great gift – a gift to our parish to share in the fruit of the Spirit, 
knowing the joy, peace, love and strength of Christ when we remain in Him.  This is a time for all of us to grow in our faith, to grow in magnanimity as a community – a community of large and ever-expanding souls! – souls that love more every day.

Thank you to the many parishioners leading, hosting and helping with the OLG Prayer Fair. I ask that you spend a few extra minutes on this special weekend attending a Prayer Fair workshop. Know that you and our entire parish are in my prayers!

Workshops By Mass Time


Workshops for All Ages



by Roderick and Monique Maddox
After 9:30 AM Mass
MS Room 204 (Main floor)

What did you learn from this week’s homily?  We will talk about how to have a conversation with your family about the Sunday homily.

Monique and Roderick Maddox have been members of Our Lady of Grace since moving to Minnesota in 2005. They look to share practices that they have faithfully incorporated into their family life, dating back to before they were married.



by Rose Marie Nichols
After 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM Masses
MS Room 205 (Main floor)

Does your faith life need a pick-me-up? Come recharge your soul with the stories of Rose Marie Nichols.  You will leave this workshop feeling beautiful and loved.

Rose Marie Nichols is an active, longtime parishioner and the mother of seven wonderfully faithful children.  A gifted storyteller, Rose Marie spent many years as an Archdiocesan speaker whose specialty was the liturgical year and children.  She and her husband were frequently featured in Catholic Digest.  Rose Marie has a great desire to remind people how much Jesus truly loves each and every one of us, even when we fail Him.



by Marc Seymour
After 5:00 PM, 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM & 11:30 AM Masses
MS Room 301 (2nd floor)

Marc and his wife, Mandy, forged a serious bond with their faith during the life and death of their second child, Quinn.  Marc will discuss how they pray through grief, still today, and how our Blessed Mother, Mary, has had a major impact on them.

Marc and Mandy Seymour have been parishioners since 2015.  From their experience the Seymours set out on a mission called Quinn's Crusade to provide comfort and hope to other families facing serious illness by building a chapel at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital at the University of Minnesota.  In March 2016, the Quinn Seymour Chapel was officially opened and dedicated.  It is a spiritual space geared specifically towards children.



by Elizabeth and Alanna Halloran
After 9:30 am and 11:30 am Masses
MS Room 303 (2nd floor)

What are the characteristics of a faith-filled home?  What is the lifelong impact? OLG seventh graders Elizabeth and Alanna Halloran joyfully live out their faith and will discuss how growing up in a faith-filled home has had a very real and unmistakable impact on their lives.

Elizabeth and Alanna Halloran are Prayer Fair veterans, with this being the third year in a row participating as workshop leaders!  They've been teaching faith formation at OLG with their mom for two years. They love sharing and discussing their faith with their first-grade students. They are members of the OLG middle school service club and relish opportunities to serve, especially in urban, Catholic elementary schools. Elizabeth and Alanna are also active in the “Upper Room”, an after-school faith enrichment program for middle school students led by the Pro Ecclesia Sancta Sisters.

Jim Triggs.jpg


by Jim Triggs
After ALL Masses
ES Room 306 (Upper level) 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It can also enhance your prayer life. Seeing the Word incorporates illuminations from the Saint John's Bible to help you read and meditate on the Bible with greater depth and meaning. The Saint John's Bible and you will be guided through the Creation illumination using a full-scale illuminated facsimile of the original manuscript.

Jim and Katie Triggs have been parishioners at OLG for over thirty years.  Jim has been on the Saint John's Bible team at Saint John's for over ten years, often presenting to churches, universities, libraries and hospitals.



by the Sisters of Pro Ecclesia Sancta
After 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM Masses
School Library (Upper Level)

Join us as we experience the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as a family.  Learn how to introduce and increase this great devotion in your family and the gratitude for it.

The Sisters of Pro Ecclesia Sancta have been part of the community of Our Lady of Grace for five years now.  As religious sisters, their spirituality is the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  They live an Ignatian style that was passed on to them by their founder Fr. Pablo Menor, a Jesuit priest.  Their charism is to live and promote holiness, especially among families and youth.



by the Sisters of Pro Ecclesia Santa
After 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM Masses
School Library (Upper Level)

Join us as we experience the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Enrich this great devotion in your life and the gratitude for it.  Learn the message and promises that this loving Heart revealed to St. Margaret Mary and entrusted to us to make known to everyone.

The Sisters of Pro Ecclesia Sancta have been part of the community of Our Lady of Grace for five years now.  As religious sisters, their spirituality is the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  They live an Ignatian style that was passed on to them by their founder Fr. Pablo Menor, a Jesuit priest.  Their charism is to live and promote holiness, especially among families and youth.

Workshops for Middle School Age and Above



by Dan and Sheryl Moran
After ALL Masses
MS Room 201 (Main floor)

Hear God’s voice in prayer using the wisdom of St. Ignatius. After introducing this method of praying with Sacred Scripture from St. Ignatius, we will explain the four parts: “A-R-R-R” (Acknowledge, Relate, Receive, Respond) and have participants spend a few minutes putting what they learn into practice.

Dan and Sheryl are long-time OLG parishioners who are grateful that over the years they've had many spiritual teachers who have encouraged and nurtured their personal prayer lives. They hope to pass along some of the insights that have powerfully impacted the way they pray, helping others learn to hear God speak to their hearts.

Marie LaForce.jpg


by Marie LaForce
After ALL Masses
MS Room 203 (Main floor)

Jesus rejected wealth, power, honor and pleasure. He chose suffering. Why would we choose something different? Come uncover the gifts as well as when, why and how to go without, counter to a culture that presses on us to expect and demand more. Enter into the mystical invitation to suffer well (on occasion) with Christ, a part of life that no one teaches us.

Marie LaForce is an early riser! Her favorite ways to pray are at 6:15 AM daily Mass, Adoration and the Rosary. She and her husband, Tom, live close enough to walk to OLG. They have a huge garden and beg Fr. Kevin and Fr. Neil to eat their vegetables in the summer.



by the OLG March for Life Youth
After 6:00 PM Mass
MS Room 204 (Main floor)

Who could be a better example to embrace life than Mary herself - a young, pregnant woman? Come hear the experiences of our high school youth who recently attended the March for Life in Washington DC with the theme "Love Saves Lives".

This is the second year that Our Lady of Grace has participated in the DC March for Life, with 12 students representing 8 different high schools.



by Sally Lareau
After 5:00 PM, 7:30 AM, and 6:00 PM Masses
MS Room 205 (Main floor)

Lectio Divina or Divine Reading is a slow and meditative way of praying with scripture.  We will review the 4 steps and then put into practice what we have learned.  Come open your heart and "rest" with Him.

Sally Lareau has been a parishioner since 1982.  She has become very fond of lectio divina because it is a beautiful way to pray with Scripture and encounter Christ.



by Mary Luxem
After 5:00 PM, 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM Masses, ES Room 101 (Lower level)
After 6:00 PM Mass, MS Room 301 (2nd floor)

Using our imagination, we place ourselves in the Scripture story.  We come to know and love Jesus as we walk and talk with him in this active, very personal form of mental prayer that makes the Scriptures come alive and relevant to our daily lives. 

Mary Luxem has been an OLG parishioner since 2012.  She is a member of the Lectio Divina prayer group, serves on the Stewardship Council and is a small group facilitator for the Light the Way Bible Study.  She has prayed guided meditation with Scripture for over thirty years and especially enjoys praying it with her young grandchildren to soothe them and help them to know and love Jesus as their best friend and Savior.

Workshops for High School Age and Above



by Lynn Tursich
After 5:00 PM, 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM, and 11:30 AM Masses, ES Room 100 (Lower level)
After 6:00 PM Mass, MS Room 302 (2nd floor)

Come and consider some of the ways to develop a personalized prayer life with the Lord.  Varying styles of prayer, and drawing from the wisdom of the saints and Church tradition, can enrich our spirituality and provide a good fit for many different circumstances. 

Lynn Tursich has been involved in various ministry roles at MHT/OLG for over 35 years, including presiding at Communion Services, participating in Eucharistic adoration and leading a prayer group at both locations.  She is also the creator of the blog Faith Share and Prayer incorporating a variety of personal prayers and reflections.



by OLG Teachers
After ALL Masses
MS Room 300 (2nd floor)

What a better way to fully appreciate and understand the life of Our Lord, Jesus, than to see the world through his eyes.  A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land immerses all of your senses into the life and times of Jesus Christ.   A pilgrimage to the Holy Land will meet you wherever you are at on your personal spiritual journey. Come hear and learn more about a trip of a lifetime.



by Mary Hodgdon
After 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM, and 11:30 AM Masses
MS Room 302 (2nd floor)

Maybe it's been awhile since you went to Confession, or maybe you would like to learn ways to ignite a new appreciation for the sacrament. The little-known benefits and new ways to prepare for confession might just have you looking forward to the Sacrament of Reconciliation! 

Mary Hodgdon has been in the parish for over 30 years, and has spent much of her adult life learning more and speaking about our Catholic faith and the spiritual life. She is a graduate of the Catechetical Institute and is currently working towards a Masters in Catholic Studies at UST.

IMG_7500 (2).JPG


by Veronica Whelan
After 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM and 6:00 PM Masses
Youth Room (MS Main floor)

The word novena is taken from novem, the Latin word for nine. A novena consists of nine days of prayer and meditation usually to ask God for a special grace in our lives. This pattern of nine days of prayer is remarkably easy to add into everyone's daily prayer schedule! We will explore some novenas and ways to get started and then answers any additional questions.

Veronica joined our community in 2012 and is responsible for High School Youth Ministry and Young Adult Programs.  She feels so blessed in serving here, and loves working with all our families.  

Workshops for Young Adults and Above

*Young Adults includes High School Juniors and Seniors



by Ben and Kristan Vrba
After ALL Masses
ES Room 305 (Upper level)

Do you feel as if your schedule is overwhelming? Do you feel overburdened by the human experience? Do you seek a stronger relationship with Jesus and the desire to know him more fully? Imagine if Eucharistic Adoration can help with all of these. Spoiler Alert: It does!!! Come see how! #JesusOclock #RadicalDevotion.

Ben and Kristan Vrba have been parishioners since 2010 and were married at Our Lady of Grace. Both were born in Nebraska and moved to Minnesota for college and careers. Ben is drawn to the ministry of Adoration because of the Real Presence of Jesus found in the Eucharist, while Kristan loves it because it's her time to build a relationship with Jesus.



by Ron Snyder
After 5:00 PM, 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM Masses
MS Room 202 (Main floor)

Today’s overwhelmingly secular society needs holiness and we, as Catholics, must be willing to go out into society, share our faith and be a bridge to Jesus for others. This session will offer tools and direction to grow both in holiness and active evangelization.

Ron Snyder attempts to take this mission seriously; daily prayer, Bible studies, Catholic book clubs, a mid-life masters in Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas and active work in evangelization at OLG.  He and his wife, Mary Beth, were married at OLG and have been active parishioners for several years.



by the Sisters of Pro Ecclesia Sancta
After 7:30 AM and 11:30 AM Masses
MS Room 204 (Main floor)

Learn the Ignatian way of prayer through the Examination of Conscience.  This workshop will help you be more aware of the presence of God in your daily life and all His blessings.  You will learn tools to better prepare for the Sacrament of Confession. 

The Sisters of Pro Ecclesia Sancta have been part of the community of Our Lady of Grace for five years now.  As religious sisters, their spirituality is the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  They live an Ignatian style that was passed on to them by their founder Fr. Pablo Menor, a Jesuit priest.  Their charism is to live and promote holiness, especially among families and youth.

Prayer Fair Hospitality Help Needed

We are in need of 138 hospitality helpers for Prayer Fair!  Signups are open to middle schoolers through adult except those tasks where a parent/adult need is specified.  This is a great chance to earn some service hours! Earn more hours by signing up for multiple shifts!  Elementary kids wishing to serve must be accompanied by an adult.  Please click on the link to reserve your spot!  Thank you for helping make this a great weekend for our parish!