Precinct Caucuses 2018


The Minnesota precinct caucuses are February 6th beginning at 7 pm.  The locations can be found by calling the town in which you reside.  Both parties caucus the same night, but at different locations.

I would encourage everybody who is interested in the future of our city, state and country to attend this year’s precinct caucuses.  On a local level, the candidates often attend in order to begin campaigning and to hear what the voters have to say.  This year, we have most of the major state offices, all the Minnesota House seats, both United States Senate seats and Congressional races to watch. 

The caucuses are grass roots democracy. Local candidates often appear. Those attending the caucuses can bring resolutions to be voted upon.  This is a great time to bring up resolutions suggested or endorsed by the Minnesota Catholic Conference that are pro-life, protect religious liberty, promote school choice, fight hunger, provide funding for safe and affordable housing, ban physician assisted suicide, etc. This is a great place to make it clear that you vote your conscience and your religious values.