RCIA Update - October

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Margaret Lively, RCIA Director

"To fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek Him the greatest adventure; to find Him, the greatest human achievement." - St. Augustine of Hippo

The esteemed Saint Augustine inspires all of us in Our Lady of Grace’s RCIA process this year, which is well underway with approximately 15-20 people formally inquiring about our Catholic faith.

We appreciate those of you who have volunteered to assist in this amazing ministry and, for those of you otherwise occupied, we know we can count on your prayers and support throughout the process, as our seeking brothers and sisters continue to develop their relationships with Jesus Christ and the Church.

We will continue to update the parish as we all work together to share God’s love with these folks and welcome them to our parish. Many who have come to “kick the tires” on our Catholic faith were drawn in by how welcomed and cared for they felt by the people of Our Lady of Grace. Keep up the Lord’s work—continue to be Christ to all you encounter, be His hands and feet on this earth.