Respect Life Sunday


The USCCB has designated October 7 as Respect Life Sunday. Quite often the focus of the Church’s respect life activities is opposition to abortion. That is a very good place to start. But we need to be clear that pro-life activities cannot stop there.

To be truly pro-life we must feed, clothe, house and educate children after birth. We need to be certain that they have access to healthcare, grow up in an area free from violence, and that they have jobs that pay them living wages. In other words, being pro-life means believing and acting as if every child born is a beloved child of God and entitled to dignity.

I think that dignity is especially important also as one approaches the end of life. Those who are frail or elderly still benefit from love and companionship. They continue to deserve good medical care, including pain relief.

Our Lady of Grace is a profoundly pro-life parish. We believe that each person is a unique gift from God to be loved and cared for as the unrepeatable individual he or she is. If this statement resonates with you, the Dignity of Life Committee invites you to join us as we work to support families, from crisis pregnancies to the elderly. Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 9 from 6:00 - 7:00 PM in the Parish Office. If you’re not a ”joiner”, consider buying diapers, writing an elected official or saying a rosary for the end of abortion. Something to think about.

Melissa Miller, Director of Community Life & Social Justice