RCIA Update 2/18

RCIA 1-17-18_edit.jpg

Margaret Lively, Director of RCIA

A running theme throughout our RCIA sessions has always been an introduction to the saints. We have weekly assigned readings often covering one or two of the “biggies”, referencing certain saints as their feast days come up in the calendar. The idea we try to convey is that the Communion of Saints is very real and impactful in the everyday lives of everyday people such as ourselves.

The saints amaze us and inspire us.  And while none of us may reach that upper echelon of saints with a capitol “S”, that doesn’t mean we aren’t called to strive for holiness in our very everyday-ness. That effort alone, to become a saint, by each/all of us, should go a long way toward building up the Kingdom of God here and now.

Please pray for our RCIA group as they start thinking of whom among the saints they will choose for their own Confirmation names at Easter Vigil. Do you remember why you chose your Confirmation name? What has your spiritual relationship been with that Saint these many years? Be sure (and inspired!) to check out the collection of books on the saints we have in the Parish Library across from the MHT Adoration Chapel.