RCIA Update 2/4

RCIA 1-17-18.JPG

Margaret Lively, Director of RCIA

We are back in full force as we prepare for the Rite of Sending/Rite of Election on February 18.  This will be another stepping stone for the group en route to full communion into the Catholic Church this Easter Vigil. Thus far after break we have grappled with the pure gift of Grace, sought solace in understanding the Seven Sacraments, and are now delving deeply into the constructs of the Ten Commandments. The participants are hungry to learn all they can about the fullness of our Catholic faith, and are a weekly inspi-ration to all of us on the RCIA team. Please do your part as practicing Catholics and pray for their blessed journeys into our faith and our community at Our Lady of Grace. Every time they see each of you participating fully at Mass—genuflecting into the pew, actively participating, receiving the Eucharist reverently and, yes, even remaining in your pew—singing until the recessional is complete, you are helping to build His kingdom.  Copious thanks for your support in this awesome endeavor!