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June 2018

A Whole Month of Liturgical Content on!

June 1 - Saint Justin the Martyr

Read: Four Witnesses

June 3 - Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)

Study: Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist*
Study: Lectio: The Eucharist
Study: Symbolon: Living the Faith, Session 3: Walk Through the Mass*
Watch: Hostia
Listen: The Body and Blood of Christ
Listen: The Lamb's Supper
Listen: Jesus the Bridegroom
Listen: True Worship*
Read: A Communion of the Heart*

June 8 - Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Study: Divine Mercy, Session 2: Behold, This Heart
Study: Symbolon: Knowing the Faith, Session 2: Divine Revelation*
Study: Consoling the Heart of Jesus
Watch: Ocean of Mercy
Read: God Is Love
Listen: Jesus is...
Listen: This Changes Everything

June 13 - Saint Anthony Padua

Watch: Finding St. Anthony
Listen: St. Anthony of Padua

June 17 - Father's Day

Listen: Pure Fatherhood
Read: Be a Man!*
Read: The Father of the Family

June 24 - The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

Study: Reborn*
Study: Lectio: Eucharist, Session 3: Lamb of God
Read: Read-Aloud Book of Bible Stories

June 29 - Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

Study: Lectio: Prayer
Watch: Saint Peter*
Listen: Right Here, Right Now
Listen: Lectio Divina
Listen: Truth and Life Audio Bible: Paul's Letters
Listen: Truth and Life Audio Bible: Universal Letters

*Available in Spanish


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