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Inspirational Resources for Faith Formation in November

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November 2018

A Whole Month of Liturgical Content on!

November 1 - All Saints

Study: Symbolon: Knowing the Faith, Session 9: Mary and the Saints*
Watch: Brother Francis: The Saints
Read: A Family of Saints
Listen: Answering Common Objections: The Saints

November 2 - All Souls

Study: Symbolon: Knowing the Faith, Session 10: The Last Things*
Read: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Heaven
Listen: Strangers and Sojourners

November 4 - St. Charles Borromeo

Study: True Reformers: Session 4, St. Charles Borromeo

November 13 - St. Francis Xavier Cabrini

Listen: St. Frances Cabrini

November 15 - St. Albert the Great

Study: From Nothing to Cosmos: God and Science
Read: Who Designed the Designer?

November 21 - The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Watch: Mary of Nazareth
Read: The World’s First Love
Ver: Estoy en Casa: María Santísima

November 22 - St. Cecilia

Listen: Audio Drama: Ode to Saint Cecilia

November 23 - Bl. Miguel Pro

Listen: Attack on Religious Liberty*

November 25 - Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Study: Footprints of God, David/Solomon: Expanding the Kingdom
Study: YDisciple: Who is God?, Session 3: Is Jesus Really Divine
Listen: Set All Afire*

November 28 - St. Catherine Labouré

Listen: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal