Closing High School LifeNight for 2017/2018

On Wednesday May 9th we had our last High School LifeNight for the school year!

What are LifeNights you ask? 

LifeNight's are a mixture of faith and fun, and are open to everyone who is in high school! Each LifeNight has a fun game, a testimony or teaching about a different topic of our faith, discussion, and closing prayer.

At LifeNights you will be able to talk about a variety of issues and experiences with friends and young adult leaders so that together you can grow in faith and discover how a relationship with God will help you have the best life possible! 

Before they all left for the evening we asked our youth WHY they come to LifeNight's and they gave us some AMAZING answers!

  • I first started coming to LifeNights as a kind of continuation of confirmation, but my reason soon transformed into being a part of a community of people that have my faith in common. I look forward to Lifenights as a time where I won't worry about school, stress, etc... 
  • I come to LifeNights to meet, have fun, and laugh with other catholic people.
  • Community, friends, it's people who care about the activities, working together for a better world, and learning about the faith.  
  • The community and support here. I can be myself and forget about my troubles.  
  • Why do I come? To learn and grow in catholic faith and get to know those who come to LifeNights.  
  • Food, friends, to learn, to have fun, and FOOD.  
  • I come to grow in relationship with others, connect with my faith,  and learn to look at my faith differently.  
  • I come to LifeNights to be around positive people and get my mind off of stressful things that might be going on in my life. I LOVE THE COMMUNITY!   

We had an amazing year, and can't wait to start up again in the fall! Keep your eyes on your inbox for when registration opens!

wordcloud for LifeNights.jpg

Throughout the year we did so many things that it is hard to list them all.........

we still tried though! 

SOOOOO if you are still wondering why you should register yourself for LifeNights in 2018/19......

we have some amazing reasons for you! 

  • You should come because LifeNights are a place where you always feel welcome. It is a home where people care about you for who you are. You can be quirky and still belong. Lifelong friends.  
  • To meet new people! 
  • To grow in faith, meet friends, and have fun! 
  • You should come to LifeNights so they can meet and or get to know people they go to church with. This is a great place to become better connected to God. 
  • You should come to LifeNights to grow in an uplifting community, learn about themselves, and make friends. 
  • To grow in their faith, to be a part of something special, and have fun!  
  • Meet new people, be challenged in their faith - go deeper and see other viewpoints.  
  • Meet people and a good way to have fun, learn and pray!  
  • You get to meet other teenagers who their faith and build friendships with them! 
  • It will give you LIFE and build community!  
  • It's a good way to relax and enjoy yourself even if other things in your life are crazy. 
  • Great community of people who want to be friends. Join a group that cares about each other, supports each other, and has fun together!