JPII Prep Playground Build Update


Melissa Miller, Director of Community Life & Social Justice

This morning I went up to John Paul II Prep School to help build their new playground. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thought this would be a good thing to do.

I underestimated the day!

When I arrived there were many people already there, shoveling, transporting and spreading  mulch under the playground equipment. Fr. Kevin was everywhere encouraging, introducing and generally doing what he does so well—helping to build the Kingdom of God. Danette Halloran and Alison James were the organizers, and, along with Fr. Neil, were working, greeting and encouraging people. The workers were a diverse group—members of Holy Cross parish; parents of children in John Paul II Prep; members of OLG; workers from Ascension Academy and a young mother with her baby in a backpack. I heard people speaking English and Spanish, communicating with one another. Archbishop Hebda came and blessed us and the playground.

As I helped spread mulch, I was struck by what a great metaphor this was for building God’s Kingdom. The workers were united in making things better for the students at JPII. The collaboration was wonderful. Spirits were high and everybody seemed engaged in their tasks, but also the important work of getting to know one another. This was the community, the Church in a pure sense, joining together in a common goal. And as you can see from this picture, that goal was met. What a great example of serving God by serving others. Something to think about.