Our Thanks to the OLG Quilters


May 9, 2000 was the beginning of Our Lady of Grace Quilters with Jane Squires as chairperson. St. Francis Guild started a 5-week beginning quilting class. Lila Hansen from St. Patrick’s Patchworkers joined the group and, by June, weekly Tuesday mornings in the Forrey Room were established. Requests were put in the bulletin for funds and fabric. By September the first 20 quilts were donated to St. Therese Care Center in New Hope. The Women’s Club Raffled some quilts, as did the St. Francis Guild, to provide funds. Quilts have been donated to multiple organizations. All have been crafted with love, prayer and hope. Without the many hands, donations of funds and fabric, and not just a few pricked fingers this work could not have been done. As with many organizations, aging and fewer numbers will caused this ministry to stop work in December 2018. A total of 1771 quilts have been made and donated; 45 quilts have been completed since July 2018.

Quilts over the years have been donated to:

St. Therese Care Center of New Hope
Birthright; Minneapolis Crisis Nursery
Monastery of St. Clair
St. Anne’s Place
Southside Life Care Center
Ghana Mission
Catholic Charities

Families Moving Forward
Little Sisters of the Poor
St. Joseph’s Home of Children
Sharing and Caring Hands
Project Linus
Dialysis Center

Thank you to all our dedicated quilters:

Jane Squires
Agness Burgee
Lonnie Leyh
Louise Battaglia
Swarna Abeyesundere
Marie Mattison
Linda Krumsieg

Fran Peterson
Melva Mayclin
Mary Crowley
Jane Twyman
Sue Sundlin
Sandy Rikus
Nan Dvorak

Lila Hansen
Bernice Schrenk
Catherine Miller
Pat Westlund
Ronnie Yearneau
Bev Rooney
Mary Jane Sushak