Advancing Our Mission



Our Lady of Grace (OLG) Church and School is considering ‘Advancing Our Mission’ in 2019 to give us the physical space we need to advance our mission of making Jesus Christ known and loved. As part of this effort, we are consistently seeking feedback from the OLG community.


Starting in November of 2018, we reached out to the OLG community to take soundings around our proposed capital campaign through a committee studying the feasibility of capital campaign led by OLG parishioners. We did this through a series of individual meetings with key parishioners, town hall meetings and surveys.

Building the infrastructure to more effectively advance our mission requires a shared vision and deep input from the community. This outreach was the first chapter of that dialogue.

The committee studying the feasibility of a capital campaign made the case that to advance our mission over the next generation at OLG we need to pursue the following objectives:

  • expand ministries and enhance fellowship and community; 

  • serve the whole child-mind, body and soul;

  • engage new and young families;

  • ensure our priests’ well-being and connectedness to the parish; and

  • ensure the long-term viability of our facilities.

These recommendations came out of an analysis of our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as a parish. Delivering against these objectives meant considering capital investments in things like a parish life center (including a new kitchen), new gym, early childhood development center, priests’ residence and investing in deferred maintenance.



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