Easter Greetings


Easter is a glorious time for our parish community!  In addition to the very special meaning of the liturgical celebration, we are always happy to see so many parishioners whose schedules may not allow them to attend Mass regularly at our parish.  If you are one of those who cannot visit our parish as much as you like, you might want to check out our website , here you will find Mass times as well as news and information on upcoming events.  You will also find an online giving option, “donate”, on the top menu bar.  Our online giving program allows parishioners to continue to support the parish even when they are out-of-town, too busy to remember an envelope, working weekends or attending Mass at another parish.  If you would like to learn more about this easy, safe and secure way of giving, simply follow the instructions found on the website or contact Nick Hall at nickolashall@olgparish.org or 952-929-3317 x9036.