Our New Altar Cloth


Shelly Aebi, Director of Liturgy

Several years ago, a bride came to my office to prepare for her wedding. Handing me a box, she told me she would like to use the contents inside at her wedding liturgy. Inside the box were several panels of exquisite lace. The bride continued to tell me that her grandmother gave it to her, although she didn’t say where it was from but just that it was an “heirloom”. The lace was in separate panels and looked as though it might once have been from an altar cloth. I don’t remember how we used it during the ceremony, but it was left behind. I put it in my office closet and promptly forgot about it.

This February my office sustained water damage and, as I was cleaning out the closet, I came upon the box – it was dry! I contacted Trudy Landgren, and we both agreed we had to use it. Trudy purchased a piece of quality linen and proceeded to make an altar cloth (with fitted corners!) for the top of the altar, securing the lace panels around it. She tells me the lace is at least 100 years old! Thank you, Trudy for breathing new life into this exquisite work! There is also a piece of another design that will soon find its home in the chapel. We hope you will take a moment to look carefully at this true piece of art!