RCIA Update August (Part 2) - What is RCIA?

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Margaret Lively, RCIA Director

Well, simply stated, RCIA is the formal Rite and process consisting of instruction, reflection, prayer, formation and discernment by which adults choose for themselves to follow Jesus Christ by entering into full communion with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

It is a Rite in the sense that it ultimately involves several religious Rites and Sacraments conventionally celebrated within our Catholic community: Baptism, Communion, Confession and Confirmation.

It is a process in which we follow a custom developed, approved curriculum that includes requisite topics for building one’s knowledge and love of the Catholic faith. Becoming Catholic typically takes 10 months or so, but nobody is ever rushed – real relationships take time to develop, right?

Through RCIA, a seriously seeking individual will not only discover and solidify a real relationship with Jesus Christ, they will also: learn the precepts of the Catholic Church; study the Word of God; understand the application of the Ten Commandments and the institution of the Seven Sacraments; learn the basic history of Christianity and the Church; attend Mass; take time for personal prayer and contemplation. Plus anything else we can squeeze in to help them in this momentous journey as they become fully equipped to continue their life-long relationship with Jesus and His Church.