San Max Mission Trip Cancelled


On August 6th, we received an email from Fr. Matute, pastor at our sister parish San Maximiliano Kolbe in Honduras, advising us that the political situation in Honduras had given rise to a series of protests around Tegulgalpa. While he left the decision as to whether to continue with our plan to visit San Max right now up to us, he recommended that we not visit at this time. After prayers, discussions and fact finding, our mission trip group reluctantly decided to cancel our trip. While sad about it, we are comfortable that we made the right decision under the circumstances.

Here in the United States we are blessed to have a stable government along with a history and tradition of peaceful protests. Unfortunately for our sisters and brothers in Honduras, they may not have the same tradition. There have been protests against President Hernandez and his government that were triggered by concerns of corruption and that the President is a member of a drug cartel. The BBC covered the protests as did Reuters news service.

As we prepared for our trip, all the missionaries were delighted by the response to our request for sports equipment and rosaries. We received more than we could have hoped for—soccer balls, frisbees, volleyballs, complete soccer uniforms along with many beautiful rosaries. And almost as important, we received suitcases to transport these gifts. We can’t thank you enough!! 

As important as the tangible gifts for San Max, was the knowledge that you are thinking about and praying for the members of San Max. Be assured that they are thinking of and praying for us. Just this morning we received the following message from Fr. Matute: 

Brothers and sisters,

Today the San Maximiliano parish, in the context of our patron saint festivities, with all parishioners are invited to join in 12 continuous hours of prayer, for the Honduran family, for justice and peace, for life and the construction of a truly Christian family. Let us raise this supplication with confidence, let us join in prayer, and with our commitment, also, let the Lord fill us with his peace and his good.  May Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Saint Francis and Saint Clare take care of us and intercede, and may the Holy Virgin protect us.

Much Blessing brothers on this day.

Peace and good.
Friars Minor Conventual”


Please join San Max in prayer

Wednesday, August 14, 6:30 PM, Commons
We will be having a rosary in solidarity with and to pray for our sister parish San Max and Honduras on the feast of their patron saint, St. Maximilian Kolbe. There will be a time of fellowship following the rosary.